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2012-07-27 - 5:04 p.m.

Did I miss writing to you as I turned middle aged? Well, yes! But I also think that I ran out of things to say to you. For some reason, for better or for worse, the joy just went out of blogging. Perhaps it was ridiculous at the time for me to put so much work into writing such elaborate and meaningful posts � each one a three part symphony of anecdotes.

However, now that I am such a different person, I think I want to start writing here again. Look at me! I�m so fine and sleek and fat! I have a big round belly and silvery grey hair � I look like a bank president! And yet, I still am who I was. There�s just� more of me now to love, that�s all.

By the way, you must address me now as Johnny Darling MS, if you�d be so kind. I have a Master�s Degree in library science! It took me two and a half years � three if you include my going back to my undergraduate university to finish off my senior year, which I did.

Yes, I leveraged my non movie business time into going back to school and getting a library degree. No full status librarian job, yet, but I do have hope. Anything can happen! And it is my scheme to get back to writing about it to you, my dear big blue blogalicious blog!

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